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Our app development experts are here to create digital solutions in iOS and Android apps for mobile phones, tablets, and web. The entire idea is to uplift your online brand presence amongst the congested competition is the digital industry.

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Ranging from conventional iOS and Android apps for iPhones, iPads, Android devices and tablets to cross-platform apps, we aim to cater every custom demand of your project.

Apps for your favorite devices…

ios app

Making the best use out of Objective-C/Swift to create top-notch iOS apps meeting the strict demands and quality standards of Apple.

android app

The old-school Java codes are written with fresher perspectives to create amazing, client-centric Android apps with trendiest designs.

App Development

Rather than rummaging through a list of available technologies, it is better to acquire a powerful cross-platform app solution to reach a wider audience in different industries.

2D/3D Game

From linear, obstacle crossing 2D game to the realistic graphics matching the detailing and crispness of a top 3D game, you get to acquire quality mobile games irrespective of the idea and scope in mind.


A 7-step process to get started with your mobile app idea…

  • 1. Discovery
  • 2. Wireframing
  • 3. Defining the backend
  • 4. Testing the prototype
  • 5. Development
  • 6. Testing
  • 7. Launch


It starts with a thorough market research engulfing the app idea you or we propose for your business. In the initial stage we discuss your business goals that the app will accomplish, target audience, platform you’ll use, timeline, budget, and other technical and strategic minutiae to get started.

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Here we have a pretty solid idea of how the client’s app and its features will look like. The idea is to create a sketch of your app and a storyboard document. During the prototyping phase, we look out the opportunities to incorporate in your brand, emphasize on the user experience, and clearly distinguish your mobile solution from a mobile website.

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Defining the backend

The wireframe and storyboard document will act as a guide for the backend structure required to support the client’s app such as data diagrams, APIs, data integration, servers, and push notifications. Our SMEs and developers select a mobile backend as a BaaS platform to tackle scalability challenges.

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Testing the prototype

By this stage we finalize any changes in the wireframe realized during the backend planning phase. After we communicate the wireframe and storyboard to the client and our development head, we get going with creating an interactive prototype. The prototype allows us to evaluate our design concepts, acquire feedback, and identify various kinds of flaws in the client’s app.

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The actual development which itself is an entire process with several sub-processes in itself. Creating the app skin, high resolution renderings of your wireframes, and other coding stuff is handled according to theoretical understanding and technical expertise of each of our developer. Yes, the elements of UI are considered during each step of the development phase.

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Testing your app in a variety of real-world situations and environments is rigorously done to verify the tool is free from any aesthetic and functional glitch. Besides the detailed quality assurance and documentation testing, strict mobile UX testing tools are also used to acquire real-time feedback and analytics of the client’s app to gauge its performance.

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Launching the client’s app in Google Play and App Store is not the end game. Furthermore, our marketing personnel will write the necessary content and create the right visuals to list your app in the app stores list. Then comes the post-launch services including inspecting crashes, analytics, performance, and app store management and providing further iteration and improvements.

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Some of our epic mobile
app creations

What is Zarurat

Zarurat app makes your fruits and vegetables shopping easier.e have got your back, Zarurat application makes your life so much easier and this is just the beginning.


Zarurat app makes your fruits and vegetables shopping easier.e have got your back, Zarurat application makes your life so much easier and this is just the beginning.

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